Contact Center vs Call Center: What Is the Difference?

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Welcome to Thien Tu, we always willing to share our knowledge with whom cares about and we believe that through this article, you will get the definition of a contact center. When writing the article, we tried to minimize the specialized phrases, however, we made sure that the meaning still remains the same.


Contact center service is an extended concept, evolving from terminology and Call Center service. To have an overview of the Contact Center, first, we have to understand what is a Call Center.

The call center is a part of organizations and businesses on the basis of receiving call information, instructing, and answering customer questions. Each Call Center is equipped with a certain computer system and human resources to handle a large number of calls throughout. Inadequate, only one interactive channel is accessed (voice calling channel).

Contact Center vs Call Center
Call Center at Thientu Co.,LTD

Therefore, the concept of the Contact Center appeared.

Contact center taking customer as its center and having multichannel reception, including call, email, live chat, video call, etc., that have made its services been growing strongly in recent years. Creating a premise to help businesses get closer to customers while improving their service quality.

Contact Center vs Call Center
Contact Center at Thientu Co.,LTD

What are the differences between the Call center and Contact Center?

Contact Center vs Call Center


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Appointment setting

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